Teeworlds 0.4.2
clockWrote by Poil | clock2008-04-05 18:56:25
Teeworlds 0.4.2 is out
Changelog :
  • Loads of graphical optimizations. Maps now must have a background to behave correctly. Enable gfx_clear to get around faulty maps ("gfx_clear 1" in the console).
  • Fixed the welcome screen overlapping
  • sv_powerups now work again
  • Weapon switch have priority over fire now
  • Added sv_rounds_per_map to control the rounds played on each map
  • Fixed servere memory leak on linux server builds
  • Fixed issue with ping on LAN servers
  • Fixed problems with dm6 and low detail and made shotgun more visible
  • Improved the quicksearch so it's case insenitive, searches players aswell and highlights hits
  • Fixed server crash if you try to run ctf on a non ctf map
  • Fixed so you can't set mouse sens to 0 in the gui
  • Fixed "sample bleeding" on the blue flag
  • Fixed so say_team when you are a spectator only sends to other spectators.
  • Fixed problem with maps with 1 think tile borders
  • Fixed so the loading text doesn't disappear if you move the mouse.
  • Added option to set the time MOTD is displayed (cl_motd_time)
  • MOTD disappears if you press escape
  • Fixed so you can do more advanced binds using "
  • Fixed so you can clear string variables by using ""
  • Fixed skidsmoke errors
  • Fixed so grenades always do 6dmg on direct hit
  • Fixed protection on the font textures so they don't get resampled
  • Added # comments to the console system
  • Added anti-spam function (sv_spamprotection)
  • Fixed so that new line correctly realigns to screen 
Download Teeworlds 0.4.2 for Windows
Download Teeworlds 0.4.2 for Linux x84
Download Teeworlds 0.4.2 for Linux x64
Download Teeworlds 0.4.2 for Max OS X


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